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The San Antonio Newsmedia has been spending alot of time in Bandera lately.  The Bandera City Council and the Bandera Police Department have been going head to head for the past 2 months. The conflict has divided the town, to say the least.  The entire Police force has been suspended and the Bandera County Sheriff's Department has been handling law enforcement for the City of Bandera.  Investigations are on-going, tempers are flaring, and some in the town are circulating a recall petition for Council member Maggie Schumacher, who is being blamed for the fiasco.  I have not attended any of the council meetings in question, but am only reporting what I hear second hand, and you know how reliable that information can be!

The Press and the Attorneys have been very busy trying to sort this whole thing out. Fortunately, there hasn't been a rash of crimes in the city to scare it's inhabitants.  I suspect that things will calm down and a solution will be found, and Bandera can get back to being the "Happy Go Lucky" Town that it is! 


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