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Success tip #3: It’s a Digital World – You Have to Market Your Brand Not Your Broker’s

The third key to success in today’s real estate market is branding.  Your brand needs building;  your Brokerage has already built theirs.  Yes, you need a website, but it should build YOUR brand and YOUR business and not be tied to the company where you have to hang your license.  There is much discussion on what your brand should be (see link at  or but whatever you chose to be your brand or niche, it's YOUR brand that needs marketing.

Keeping your brokerage’s “site” with your info, which is really just a framed page on their site where all the marketing, SEO, and web work  you do builds their name not yours, to use for links within that informational area that will  send interested parties to your personal, unaffiliated  web site is a great SEO tactic.

On your personal website you can capture that lead, manage that lead, and turn that lead into a closed deal with no referral due to the brokerage.   And if a better brokerage appears on the horizon, you can leave taking your leads, your clients, and your pending deals with you.

We DON’T want any new agents to join our company…We want to help YOU build YOUR Brand and YOUR Business..for and by you, the agent.  We are a Hawaii brokerage based on this model of “for and by experienced agents”.  We center our efforts on helping Agents build their business just as we work to build our own personal business.    We want to share with you the tools to be a success in building your business no matter what brokerage you hang your license with. 

Hawaii agents, if you are interested in a demonstration of a integrated, easy, personal website that contains lead generation, lead capture, a mobile web ap for searches,  a lead management system  and more…all coordinated on one personal, unaffiliated website, please contact us offline at admin@hreomail.

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