Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar

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Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar

Luxury Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar

Do you currently own one of the short sales in Mesa Del Mar?

Composed of eight-hundred homes developed in the 1960's, Mesa Del Mar sits behind the Orange County Fair Grounds and is near the beach.  A very quiet community, Mesa Del Mar is somewhere that I am very familiar with and one can occasionally spot me at either the Mesa North Starbucks or every two weeks at the 5 Car Wash. My familiarity and understanding of the area will make working with Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar that much easier. 

Before I get started with the Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar process, I want to cover a couple thing.  Do you feel that you're stuck with your only option being Short Sales?  You may have other options.  For example, you can always take a stab at getting a loan modification for your home instead of doing Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar.  If you're interested in different options and what you might be approved for, let's talk and I will point you in the right direction.Luxury Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar

With Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar, if the bank accepts the short sale proposition and the lender is willing to accept less for the home than what is owed, your home will be listed, offers will be directed to the lender, and from there the lender will either approve, counter, or reject the offer.  The down side to this is that this process may take over 3 months to complete.  As a Short Sales Specialist I will do everything in my power to speed up the process. Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar can be frustrating and stressful, but with my help we will bring the stress down to a minimum.

If you want more information about Short Sales in Mesa Del Mar, let's talk.



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