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Time Krueger; KW Short Sale Specialist

"Win Win or No Deal!"

Hello, the name's Tim Krueger and I am a KW Short Sale Specialist.  I am young and eager to learn and grow further as a KW short sale specialist.  I am convinced that my ambition and confidence will allow me to not only meet clients' needs but to go above and beyond what is expected of me.

My background is in the movie industry, and you may say "Hey Tim, how does that qualify you at all to be a KW Short Sale Specialist?"

Well, aside from my vast knowledge and experience in California real estate and short sales, coming from such a fast-paced background allows me to keep a fast-pace and manage my time well; time is of the essence and I acknowledge and respect that.  I do not crack or break under pressure like many individuals do.  Instead, I harbor that energy and use it as motivation to complete the task at hand.

As a KW Short Sale Specialist, I have a clear understanding of how short sales operate and what is required of me to successfully complete them.  I cannot stress enough the importance of not just finding an agent who knows what he or she is doing, but more importantly an agent that can meet the individual needs and connect with the client. 

As a KW Short Sale Specialist, I have been through the California short sale process many times and I know what to expect and what to prepare for once I review a home's information.  My experience and training has prepared me to be available to my clients at all times, have a full understanding of each step of the short sale process, and to keep my clients informed and up to date.

I truly believe that I am a great KW Short Sale Specialist, and if you take my word for it, I will prove it to you ten times over.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.


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