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If you are like me, you get several emails in your inbox every day from a strange address touting that their company can improve your search engine rankings.  They write "Affordable SEO for Real Estate Agents!  We get you to the top of Google ranks!".  I know, I run an SEO company in the Portland OR area and I get these emails too.  

Typical Search Engine Optimization is expensive, why? Because its time consuming!  When we do the math on the time we spend working on our clients rankings, we are amazed.  BUT the results are worth it.  If your Real Estate website could be on the first page of Google, that would be impressive right?  It gives you authority in your market.  Other agents would see your site on the first page of "homes for sale portland" and think "that guy is doing something right", or "she must be a big deal".  Getting on the first page does matter because it does give you authority.  If your peers see it, so will your prospects.  The price to hire an SEO company varies from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand.   

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So what is Affordable SEO?

Affordable SEO is not what you can or could afford to pay for SEO. Affordable SEO is all about the return!  Hear me out here, because every other SEO company you talk to will pitch you on being #1 on Google.

If I could show you a way to get a 400% return on your money, would you invest in it?  Ofcourse!  

So lets do a little math...

On average there are a few good solid keywords that people type into the search engines when looking to buty a home.  Here are a few examples:

- Homes for sale in portland or insert your local area here.

- local homes for sale in portland

- house for sale portland

So the question is, how many people are searching those types of phrases in your local area every month?  On average, from 2,000 to 10,000 searches per month.  That is an amazing number of people looking to either move to your area or are trying to find a new home to buy in your city.  

If you could expose yourself, your brand, your website, and your listings to an extra 2-10 thousand people who are looking to buy every month, how much would that be worth?  How many leads could you generate from those searches through your website?  How many extra closings could you do per month as a result?

If you could close and make an $4,000 per month, and you wanted to get a 400% return on your marketing dollars, you would be willing to spend $1,000 to get an extra $4,000 commission each month.  

My company, Fringe Local, specializes in managing Real Estate Agent SEO campaigns, and can get you in front of a huge number of new prospects every month.  There is one thing though... we don't charge $1,000 per month to do it.  We charge $97. So if you sold one extra home, and got that $4,000 commission, that would be a 4,000% Return on your investment!

We have helped many Realtors across the nation do this.  We can do this for you as well, no question.

Call me personally at (503) 753-2061 and I will take the time to answer all your questions.

You can visit our website and sign up (and then I will call you) here: www.FringeLocal.com.

NOTE:  There is one caveat to all of this.  Ethically, we cannot and will not optimize 2 Realtors in the same area of rhte same keyword. The best keywords are getting scooped up fast.  

I encourage you: go to Google and type in "homes for sale in ____________ "(insert your city). You will see your Real Estate "friends", who are competing for the sale customers.  IF they are on the first page they are being exposed to 2,000 to 10,000 prospects every month.  you should be there too, and it will cost you $97 per month.  Sign up is super easy, and I will work with you to ensure you have a great experience working with Fringe Local.

Mark Hall
Realty One Group Cascadia - Vancouver, WA
Homes for Sale Vancouver Washington

Awesome job Matt! I have been amazed at the progress that you have made with my web page over the past few months. We are consistantly in the top 10 for our key words. Thanks again!

Nov 01, 2011 07:22 AM
Katerina Gasset
The Gasset Group & Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Provo, UT
Amplify Your Real Estate & Life Dreams!

While you may be able to get leads for general real estate keyword terms most of them are not close enough to a buying decision based on a short tail keyword like Portland real estate or Portland homes for sale so unless you have a very good automated CRM program to weed out your tire kickers and lookie lous these leads are not worth much. 

I as an agent would rather ( and we do ) have real sellers calling me from our blog who want to list their home with us because they found us through a very specific long tail keyword search because they are really serious about selling- ( or buying- but we don't work with buyers only sellers) these are human beings calling us not leads. 

It is about speaking to your audience but more importantly knowing what your audience needs and is looking for to solve their problem. I would rather have 4 sellers call us each week and we list 3 of them each week from our blog or website, than having 1000 leads in a month who just suck your energy and life blood out of you having to chase them down. 

In this new authentic heart marketing that consumers are attracted to SEO by itself may get you on page one but it won't make the phone ring unless you connect by bringing something different of value to the table. Katerina 

Nov 06, 2011 04:39 PM