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Just held a Broker's Open House yesterday, and a total of 2 Agents showed up.  I went all out with food, Halloween Decorations and 6 signs directing to the house.  I sent Flyers to all surrounding offices, spoke with Open House Coordinators, etc. and that was my turnout.  YUCK!  TALK ABOUT SPOOKY.

Planning a Public Open House this weekend seems less than profitable in this MARKET.  IT SEEMS TO BE ALL ABOUT INTERNET MARKETING AND CLIENTS FINDING THEIR OWN HOMES.

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Janet Asman
Eugene Track Town Realtors Llc - Eugene, OR
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Hi Sandie,

I know, it can be frustrating when all our time and effort seems less than productive. I have had both experiences, a great turn out and an awful turnout. It seems to me the best ones for agent tours, is when I group to together with another listing in the area, preferably in your office, and offer a cash amount to visit both listings. Then you do not have to be there or figure out what to do with all the food left over.

Oct 31, 2007 03:50 AM