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Historic Neighborhood Monuments Installed On St. Louis Avenue

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The Southridge Neighborhood Association was founded by Jack LeVineWe want to thank the City of Las Vegas for our 2 latest historic neighborhood monument signs.

They’re the final finishing touches to the St. Louis Avenue Beautification project that we’ve reported on many times in the past.

The Beverly Green Neighborhood Association split off from Southridge in 2004I founded the  Southridge Neighborhood Association in 2001 as a response to the Stratosphere’s plan to build a giant scorpian tail shaped roller coaster down the side of their tower and across Las Vegas Boulevard right to the edge of my neighborhood. Originally, Southridge’s boundaries were from Sahara to Oakey and LVBS to Maryland Parkway. In 2004, we split in half, and created the Beverly Green Neighborhood Association from 6th Street and west to the Strip.

The City of Las Vegas has a whole Department called Neighborhood Services. It was just coincidence that las night’s Citizen Leadership Academy was hosted by Neighborhood Services. Neighborhood Services helps to start and support the associations in an effort to create safer, prettier and spririted neighborhoods. If you want to start one, or get involved with one, you can call 229–2330.

Clark County has a similar department with a similar program if you don’t live in the city. Their phone number is 455–3777 

From the article I linked to above, here’s a little piece of recent downtown history for you: