Mortgage Insurance "Won't Waive the Deficiency". Does it matter?

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Well I'm not convinced it does. Matter that is. Before I give you my opinion let me preface it by stating that I am not an Attorney. Nor do I know the definitive answer to the question. This article is just my thoughts as I try to think this through.

So here goes.

First, can a deficiency even exist if a borrower never owed the entity any money to begin with? Last I checked the debt was with the Lender NOT the Mortgage Insurance Company (MI). How can the MI go after a deficiency on a note they don't own? Hmmmmm......

Secondly, what the heck gives the MI Company the right to ask the borrower for a cash contribution or a note as a condition to approving the short sale? Wasn't the insurance premium paid....for INSURANCE!! Doesn't insurance pay out when a valid claim is made? Why are they requiring their risk to be subsidized. Shouldn't these losses already have been worked into their rates?

My suggestion: Next time a MI Company ask for a contribution from the borrower ask to see the policy. I'm guessing this policy will outline what is covered and what rights the Insurer has. My guess is that we will find that the MI Companies are asking for things that are far beyond the scope of the policy. What say you?

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We've worked with Broker Bryant for over 5 years and he definitely has been a leader in all things Short Sale Related - we are constantly working with the best of the best to help our clients. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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Hi Cyndee. Homeowners who choose to work with expert Clearwater Beach Short Sale Agents certainly have a lot of advantages and one of it is being informed of the possible situations and its solutions. Excellent reblog Cyndee!

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