Real Estate Is Like Playing Golf In The Wind

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Change is inevitable...take the weather for instance. 

The golf tip below; Playing in the Wind is an example of how we react to continuous change and is certainly relevant to those that golf on the Rockport area's local  golf courses.   

Real Estate is like playing in the wind…in that it experiences change and requires adjustments from the participants.  The changes are difficult to predict. 

  Whether you are planning your golf shot or buying a home, you should assess to the current situation 

If you are planning to buy a home, here are some things to consider.... 

The wind is blowing in your is a Buyer's market.

Mortgage interest rates are at a historical low, below 4%.

There is a large inventory of properties to select from. 

Give us a call …we may not be able to help with your golf swing… but we can help you select a home in the Rockport area that meets your needs...

 Golf Tip:

 Playing in the Wind

By Paul Marchand

Welcome to Texas, I have about a fifteen mile an hour wind that I am playing in today. For us in our part of the country, and perhaps in your part of the country, it is blowing on a regular basis in the wintertime. Playing in the wind is an essential part of knowing and playing golf. It is a game that is played outside, the natural elements of the day are very much a part of the game. A student and friend of mine, Fred Couples, is a player that enjoys it when it is windy. For him, he feels like it is going to screw up other players, I have heard him say that, and it really makes him focus on the shot. It is an addition to the creative process if golf. Creating the shot is much of the fun of the game. I have a very good par-3 here today, it is 174 yards to the flagstick. The wind is blowing slightly left to right but very much downwind. I have water on the right, I have a couple of pretty significant bunkers, one in front, one on the left. There are a couple of adjustments that I am going to make because of the wind. Obviously I am going to need to figure out the yardage first, I think that that is the first thing to think of. It is 174 yards and it is really a club and a half almost two clubs of wind, so I am going to use a 7-iron. The key to picking the right club is that I want to use a club that I can hit it solid with. If I do not hit it solid the wind is going to accentuate any kind of spin. It can knock the ball down, it is going to make it go a lot more to the right if it has fade spin on it. I am going to know my particular shot shape and I am going to factor that into the line that I am going to pick and I am trying to play this smart. Since the wind is a little left to right and there is water to the right I am going to give myself a little room to the left. So in the wind I have to be particularly thoughtful about where I am starting the ball and picking the right club. Again the most important thing about wind is and attitude. It is nature it is part of the game let's enjoy it. It is the creative process. So pick a club that is going to allow you to hit it solid and enjoy the creation of your shot.

Paul Marchand is an instructor to Fred Couples and was Assistant Captain to the U.S. 2000 President's Cup Team. He is also listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers.

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