Condemned Land

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Recently had a client, of another agent, call to see if I could give him some information about oil and gas issues.  Since some newspaper articles have been out about my backgroundin the energy industry I have been called upon by several different firms for energy issues.

Well, this guy was having a pipeline put in by a gas company and he wanted to know what the heck was going on.  The pipeline we going to take only about 2 acres out of a 26-acre tract, but those two acres included about 40% of his road frontage.  They were going to pay him $12 per foot, which worked out to about $2400.  Unfortunately for him his land was worth about $18,000 per acre.  OH WELL,  the things we must do for the public good.

B.S.  He wasn't in a giving mood and wanted to know what his options were.  Well, first off that bat I let him know that fighting them to the point he could prevent them laying the line was not an option.  If push comes to shove, they can get the land condemned and lay the line.  The bettere option is to get paid what he should get for the land value. 

He is now going to an attorney, with some backup info on other pipeline issues and cases.  He is also going to get an appraiser to give him some valuations on what the land is worth, not only per acre, but the loss of valuation on the remainder of the property because he has lost his road frontage.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give about their experiences with condemnation for pipeline right-of-ways.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.

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