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green patioPlants definitely add life and natural beauty to a home. If you are too busy for some serious gardening, selecting low-maintenance plants should do the trick. You can buy a some healthy pots with nice foliage, ready to place in your home without much transplanting needed.

Shrubs/Ground covers- select slow-growing shrubs & evergreens with mature, thick branches. These ensures that the plant is healthy enough to survive the first months in a new environment.

Samples: blazing star, periwinkle, foam flower, peony, hosta, Siberian iris, varieties of inedible berry-bearing plants.  You can also select herbs such as oregano, sage and basil that can also used in the kitchen.

Perennials- these plants can live up to two years with less care. They can be potted and placed near windows.

Samples: autumn joy, day lilies, purple coneflowers, New England asters, and liatris

Bulbs- these are known cold-hardy flowering plants that can survive frost and freezing temperatures.

Samples: narcissi, trilliums, tulips, fritillaria, iris, alliums, crocus, lilium, cyclamen

Indoor plants- if you wish to have indoor plants, pot ones that does not require much watering also, rotate a batch of plants every 3-4 days.

Samples: Lucky Bamboo, indoor Cacti, Cattleya, rosemary, bonsai trees

Grass- these are the hardiest plants there is, they can take care of themselves and reproduce without much help. All they need is adequate space, little water and lots of sunshine.

Samples: clover, feather reeds, Chinese bamboo, big blue stem, switchgrass, turf grass varieties such as Rye, Mayers and Tiffway are great for lawns and path walks.

Trees- They only need care when young, they get more and more self-sustaining as their trunk grows mature.

Samples: cone trees, hard wood like mahogany, birch, hornbeam and maple varieties.

Plants that put more work: Avoid selecting these plants as they need extra gardening like transplanting, pruning, spraying, raking and replanting.
  • Roses and Orchids
  • Vegetables, bedding plants like corn
  • Herbaceous plants & soft creeping vines.
  • Water plants
The agriculture department has enumerated which plants are hardy enough to survive climate in different places in Canada. To be sure which one to buy, it is best to ask your local supplier about the plants more adaptable in your area. Read more about how to actually care for low-maintenance plants by visiting my outside blog.


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