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     Every home as we know is different.  After a listing agreement has been signed. your Realtor should make you aware of some important information.  The Realtor should make a check of your home no matter how new it is and give you some insight as to how to prepare your home before the property Inspector gets there.  I'm referring to some of the more apparent conditions that need to be addressed before the sale.

    A home will not endure if it is not properly maintained.  Home staging and curb appeal help but, the seller needs to address some issues long before the Inspector gets there.  Price of the home, time frame and negotiations will peak in the Seller's mind first.  But before this, a need to inspect on one's own is absolutely necessary.  Get those cracks in the foundation repaired and check the roof for leaks.  Make sure electrical wires are properly cased and fuse boxes cleaned.  Grout in the bathroom cleaned and replace any hardware that is outdated or worn.

    The home should have a light and airy affect and this can be accomplished by removing things in an overstuffed room.  We all love to hoard little knickknacks and other sentimental items however, when we are striving for home appeal most of these should be stored to leave less distraction and more house to view.  Make sure the basement is clean; no rags, old metal pieces, frames or other things we tend to gather.  It's just these little suggestions for you dear Seller that can give your home a big boost whether it be old or new.

Elizabeth Birmingham
EB Realty - Grand Junction, CO

First impressions are vital to getting a home sold. The better it looks the more chances you will have to attract a buyer. Good advice.

Oct 24, 2011 03:47 AM
Terri Stephens
CIR REALTY - Calgary, AB
REALTOR, Calgary & Airdrie 403-827-4663

Really good valid points to ponder and do for the seller.  Get those repairs done, and ensure there are no surprises when the home inspection happens.  Lipstick and mascara can only take you so far, if the home isn't in good repair - it will bite you when an offer comes in.  Thanks for the article.

Oct 24, 2011 03:48 AM
Ann Gravel
Pat Bennett Realty - Plaistow, NH

Hi Liz, I'm all for first impressions, Thank you.

Terri, I appreciate your generous input. Thank you.

Oct 24, 2011 04:06 AM