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I get the question every now and then, more now than then. "Do you think you guys will be in business too much longer with the way the market is going?"  Who knows. If I owned a giant big box brokerage I guess I wouldn't be as worried with the volume covered in numbers and in the same breath I might be a little more concerned with the massive overhead. But I don't have that massive overhead or the volume in numbers. We are a boutique agency with very little expenses. However, the uncertainty has prompted me to move in the direction of Malcom Forbes, have a smorgus board of incomes so when one is weak you have the support of the others to help you survive the storm. Maybe when the market (on all levels) stabelizes I will be able to cut back to doing only what I love and nothing else.....VEGAS!!!....Whoops, I meant Real Estate. Until then gotta work three times as hard. So shoot me some your thoughts. I would love to work less and make more, but nothing in life worth having is free nor does it come easy, in spite of what the losers at Occupy Wall Street say.


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Eric H. Shuster

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Adrian Willanger
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Eric-I would agree a smorgus  board stream of income is a very  good idea, I know I'm doing things now that I never would have done pre-2007 marketplace, consulting, fee based services just to name a few.


Oct 24, 2011 07:11 AM