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Having trouble with your html code? 

Almost all bloggers will come across a coding issue at some point. Whether you are embedding a video, adding a template, or changing the color of your font, knowing the basics of html will help you along the way.

A good habit to get into when you start writing and editing code is to validate your html (think of it as spell check for your code). Even experienced coders come across issues with optimizing their code to display properly on various browsers and operating systems. Some examples include: your blog looks great on one page but not on another, or your font size displays exactly the way you want it on one browser, but it's bold on another. This could be a simple case of missing a closing tag somewhere in your code. 

At any rate, it's always a good idea to validate your html code to meet web standards. The World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) is an international organization that leads the way in creating these standards for the web. In addition to offering html code references, the WC3 offers a free code validator that allows you to quickly verify that your code is correct.



*There are a ton of options out there for creating and editing your html code. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, try installing the Firebug plugin. This allows you to check your code for errors directly on the page! 

1) Paste, upload, or link your code to the validator 

code validator


2) Check your code using the "check button" to see how many (or little) errors you have

code validation errors


3) The validation service will provide specific details about your code issues including the line and columns numbers so you can find and fix the problem(s)

code validation error description


Still having problems that you can't fix? Send us a message and we'll see how we can help.



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Comments (5)

Mike Jones
SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) - Tucson, AZ
Mike Jones NMLS 223495


That's a useful link.  Thanks for blogging.

Mike in Tucson

Oct 26, 2011 04:52 AM
Eric Kodner
Wayzata Lakes Realty: Eric Kodner Sells Twin Cities Homes - Minnetonka, MN
Wayzata Lakes Realty: Twin Cities, Madeline Island

A very handy and easy to use resource..just tried it out.  Thanks Devin!

Oct 26, 2011 04:53 AM
Valerie Sagheddu
Apostle Art Home Staging & Design - Stroudsburg, PA
~Home Staging Professional, Poconos, PA

I will have to check that out. Just today I tried to embed a you tube video in my blog and I just could not do it. It seemed like when I clicked on the HTML at the top while editing and tried to insert the code, it didn't do anything.It never switched to code. Not really sure why...I have done it loads of times. It said "error on page" at the bottom???

Oct 26, 2011 04:58 AM
Devin Jensen
Seattle, WA

Hi Mike, Eric, thanks for the comments. I hope the code validator helps out when you need it. Valerie, I'll check your blog now and see if I can offer some advice directly. 


Oct 26, 2011 12:38 PM
Thomas Groux
Seattle, WA

Thanks Deving for the great informitive information. Keep up the good work

Jan 23, 2012 03:51 AM