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Can we agree being a homeowner makes you happy?  In a survey done it was found that homeowners are happier and healthier than non-owners.  Homeowners are also more satisified with their personal situation when compared to renters; and studies have discovered that daughters of homeowners have a lower rate of teenage pregnancy.

The report relates stable housing to the fact that homeowners will move less often than renters.  This in turn creates a sense of responsiblity and care for their home and community.  Homeowners tend to have more social ties than renters and will create lasting relationships.  They become more involved in local politics and community happenings as well.

Although, it can be a debateable point if Homeownership or a general feeling of residential stabililty are associated with children's improved schooling performances. It is believed that certain behavior qualities and life management skills are associated with owning a home and managing a mortgage successfully are passed down from parents to children.

Owning a home can impact the safety realm of deterring crimes.  Crime in the nieighborhood can adversely affect  property values, so Homeowners are more apt to take an extra incentive to implement crime prevention programs and/or neighborhood watches. 

The authors of the report conclude by stating, "public policy makers would be wise to consider the immense social benefits of homeownership for families, local communities and the nation."  Further mentioning, Homeownership can keep a neighborhood in good shape.

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