A Focus on Follow-up: Annual Client Reviews

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These guys look like a good group, their offering to help agents become better at their jobs. The hard parts, so I do not need to feel like I am reinventing the wheel again, Lead generation and communication. Those two things are critical to success, an agent can survive a lot of mistakes if you have enough potential clients to work with.

When this recent shift in the market place took place a few years ago I was with a small company that turned left when the market was turning right, the phones were not ringing. That is the worst feeling of desperation, every potential client became so important I just wanted to go get them and hold hostage until they bought something, Very hungry times, I'm glad we survived to get smarter. Education is important.

 I try to learn when ever I can and thank God for the opportunity.

Original content by Denise Lones
The Lones Group, Inc.

October 2011:
A Focus on Follow-up

Are you a client communication crusader ...

... or a failure at follow-up?

After years of working with clients and consulting as a peak performance expert, there's one fact that never changes: agents who neglect their clients or lack strong communication skills also lack a strong, sustainable business.

Do you have a plan for client communication?

Whether you're working with buyers or sellers, there are some simple "must-dos" in the world of communication and follow-up. Join us this month to learn how to build a plan, create the necessary tools, ask for feedback from your clients, and plan annual client appreciation events.

Are you ready to turn improve your communication and follow-up? Let's take a look at this week's tools:

Annual Client Reviews

Annual Client Reviews allow you to continue building relationships with past clients by delivering a snapshot summary of their home's value.

In any market, clients are hungry for information about the potential value of their home. The Annual Client Review provides that! This table of contents provides an overview of the recommended structure of the Annual Client Review.
The fourth and final video in our follow-up and client communication series discusses annual client reviews, and how to implement them in your business.

Check out other free tools from our Focus on Follow-up, such as our Annual Communication Plan, Seller Communication Template, Client Surveys, and more! Also, listen to Denise as she talks about the need for constistency in communication, best practices during the transaction, and how to implement these tools into your business.

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