The 3 magic steps to Selling Your Home in Today’s Real Estate World

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Unless you have stuck your fingers in your ears and started humming “Mary had a little lamb” a few years ago…and have not stopped, you are well aware of the lousy real estate market. It used to be that you could start to think about selling your house or listing and suddenly, the house selling fairy would bring you buyers. You practically didn’t have to do a thing except put a sign in the yard and wait a few weeks. Today, it is completely different and you must take action in order to sell within a reasonable number of days --the national average Days on Market is said to be about 170! -- And for a fair price. When I work with a client, given that the price is realistic and the property does not have any really unusual quirks, we focus on 3 magic steps: Staging, Curb Appeal and Marketing. It seems logical yet most people don’t focus on any of these. Surprisingly, even industry professionals miss one, two or all three. To effectively stage it, you must first clearly define the new buyer. Remember, they may not be the same as the current owner. Neighborhoods often change, so we must change the décor to appeal to and accommodate the next generation of home buyer. The previous sewing room may now need to be staged as a nursery. Next, you have to perform “brake stopping” curb appeal. Give your prospective buyer a reason to slam on their brakes when they see the outside of this house. You might be surprised by how many people would love the inside yet never even see it because the outside was unappealing. This is also a good time to surprise them and even tickle their funny bone. Try using fake birds around the bird bath to capture their attention. Finally, you must offer compelling marketing. How many “Nice 3 bedroom ranchers” do you really want to read about? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time looking at the “Home of a lifetime with gorgeous views of the mountains while still walking distance from the middle school, with special financing available now?” With so many choices of properties on the market you must be a step ahead of your competition to sell quickly and for a fair price. By following the “3 magic steps” you will leave your neighbors and fellow realtors begging for your “secret formula.” For more information on Karen Schaefer and her Proven Real Estate Marketing and Home Staging Selling Strategies, go to

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Bud & Beth McKinney
Cary/Raleigh/Apex NC - The Team That Cares, RE/MAX United

This is very true, especially about how different things are. Those of us who have been in the market awhile need to learn to adapt.

Oct 24, 2011 10:47 AM
Team Honeycutt
Allen Tate - Concord, NC

Your 3 suggestions are the magic bullet.  The curb appeal is especially important.  Sometimes buyers don't even want to get out of the car if the outside doesn't look good.

Oct 24, 2011 10:50 AM