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Sell House Fast - Union County PA: Home buyers have been educated not to buy short sale homes, as they will most likely not get a great deal. They should go for a foreclosure or negotiate a good deal with a homeowner selling for traditional reasons and selling by owner instead. Why? Because the short sale is not necessarily going to be a good deal.

One Great Reason to Sell to an InvestorIn many short sales, the lender will be paying the closing and other costs and will therefore want the buyer to purchase the house as it sits. That means the lender will not agree to do any repairs or replacements and the seller, being financially strapped or in distress as it is, cannot be expected to put more time and money into the house at that time. So who will buy the house and be happy about it? A real estate investor is your best bet when it comes to the point you need to sell in a short sale. Even if you don’t need a short sale but just want to sell quickly and ‘as is’ the investor is still the best buyer for you.

They will typically pay 70 to 80% of the current market value for the house, and pay cash in most cases. It can be done within a week if all is in order and there are no unusual circumstances. That’s fast and is great for reducing your stress. You would most likely put money and time into fixing up the house and replacing certain items or appliances if you planned to sell the house on the usual market. With competition so tough these days, you wouldn’t have any choice but to do all of the sprucing up you could possibly afford just to keep up with the competition.

Why put yourself through all that when you can get the house sold quickly and easily to an investor who won’t expect you to do anything to the interior or the exterior of the house?. It might be tough to find a buyer that plans to live in the house that will buy without you doing any repairs or inspections. If they are responsible to pay for everything including pest inspections and extermination, home inspection, certification of the roof, and maintenance that has fallen behind you might indeed find it hard to find a buyer. Call an investor today to get an offer on your house. They buy ‘as is.’


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