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Sell House Fast - Euless TX: Often a buyer would love to buy a house but something blocks the way, frustrating both the seller and the buyer. Since it’s hard to sell a house today, if you have someone willing to buy yours you may be able to help solve a problem they have that’s keeping them from going forward with the purchase. It might be something you can help with.

Solve a Problem, Sell Your HouseInstead of giving up, talk to the buyers to find out what the problem is if they are willing to share that information with you. If it’s a matter of qualifying for a mortgage loan you may be able to help them. If the conditions are just right and you are able, you might be able to owner finance at least for a few years until they can manage to get a regular loan. Many buyers that could easily qualify just a few years ago are having a terrible time getting loans now that the banks have tightened up their lending practices. The interest rates are low, the home prices are low, and this is the perfect time to buy, but perhaps their credit score needs a few more points to satisfy the lenders.

If you can check out the buyers thoroughly and see that they have solid income sources and decent credit, along with good rental history and backgrounds, you can consider helping with the problem. This could just be of help to you both if you need to sell the house. Many homeowners that own their homes outright are willing to do this because they can simply repossess the house if the buyer defaults, and then put it back on the market. A contract that gives the family a year or two to continue cleaning up their credit until they are able to qualify for a conventional loan might be the chance they need to gain homeownership.

Your house will be sold, you will be collecting a lease/option or rent to own type payment on the house every month, and you will expect to receive the lump sum payment when they are able to qualify for the loan to make the purchase. Many homes are sitting on the market for two years these days, so why not sell your house on a lease/option contract and give someone a chance at home ownership? You will still get the benefit of a sale in a few years and collect on the lease every month in the meantime.

Solve a Problem, Sell Your HouseCash House Buyers USA focuses on helping home owners in difficult situations to sell homes quickly. Cash House Buyers USA is a wholesale home buying company based in North Texas. Our home buying services are client-focused to help every homeowner sell their home on their timeline and are ideal for people who need to sell their home fast, cannot afford a realtor, or want to sell their house without making costly repairs.

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