IS SOLANO COUNTY STILL A GOOD PLACE FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT?—Homes for Sale Vallejo--Real Estate Investing in Solano County

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IS SOLANO COUNTY STILL A GOOD PLACE FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT?—Homes for Sale Vallejo--Real Estate Investing in Solano County

 How do you know?  You can research the population, job and demographic trends for hours.  You can read the business journals and attend planning board meetings until you drop.  But one of the easiest and fastest ways to know if a market has long term potential for real estate is to follow the home improvement chains like Lowes and Home Depot. 

These stores very existence is related directly to real estate.  Specifically, the improvement of real estate.  Solano County has three Home Depot stores and 14 more within 30 miles.  Lowe’s opened a store a brand new store in Vallejo last year and has three other stores within 25 miles of Solano County.  Lowe’s has a whole department of people doing market trends research behind the scenes.  They have analyzed the migration trends, population trends and real estate trends.  They decided to build based on their market research.  Following the building trends of merchants like the Home Depot and Lowe’s, you can save yourself some research time. 

One of our philosophies is to “buy to hold”.  It is not “buy and hold”.  Buy to hold means that the original intention is to buy and hold the property in order to get a positive cash flow.  However, we say buy to hold, meaning that if an opportunity to sell the property arises and a profit can be made, you should be flexible with you original plans.  In Solano County, there are quite a few homes that suffer from deferred maintenance. Lowe’s and Home Depot know this too. 

This area gives you an opportunity to buy an undervalued property due to deferred maintenance issues and improve it.  With improvement, you may be able to sell at a profit or obtain a higher rent than no improvement.   Solano County’s real estate market has been beaten up over the last several years, but with Lowe’s coming in, it looks there may be a long term potential for real estate investing here.

Real Estate Investing for Solano County provides information needed for you to become a real estate investor.  Education and understanding of real estate investing should be done before you go out looking for property.  Solano County real estate provides first time investors great opportunities to experience growth in their real estate investing business.  Check out the City of Vallejo. 

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