"The Hollows Insider" by NYT Bestselling Author Kim Harrison is simply gorgeous...

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A Perfect Blood Feb 2012

"The Hollows Insider" by NYT Bestselling Author Kim Harrison is simply gorgeous...


The Hollows Insider launched today. My gal pals are happy because I had an advanced autographed copy from Comic Con and they have been drooling over my book for days (LOL). Tonight Kim Harrison was at Schuler Books & Music (2820 Towne Center Blvd Lansing MI ) "to celebrate" and then she will be at Nicolas (2513 Jackson Av, Ann Arbor, MI) next Tuesday.

Kim is bringing: "a bunch of Early to Death, Early to Rise Madison books to give away with each Hollows Insider sold (until supplies last, but we’ve got a bunch).  Don’t make me take these back home with me!!). These will be the first edition Hollows Insiders with the glow in the dark covers..."

We have a funeral to attend but keep looking at each other about next Tuesday... Hmm...

I have a very cool Kimaholic update: the Hollows is coming to TV (YAY!!!!). I will have something cool to watch besides Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Castle (silly grin).

P.S. Only the first editions will have the GLOW IN THE DARK LIMITED EDITION COVER so if I were you I would high-tail it to the nearest bookstores of your choice and buy a fun, fabulous read. Just sayin' my book is mad gorgeous and very cool... It has maps, case files, secret memos and a fascinating investigation in progress. And yeah, my cover glows in the dark. ;-)

The Hollows Insider tour is a rare and beautiful thing... The "A Perfect Blood" tour is next. We are meeting Kim in Miami for that one. I hear there is a tour tee shirt (I love chasing limited edition author swag - happy sigh). We're in Starbucks celebrating... We love Kim and the Hollows series plus the world book is over the top HK-Mad-Kwel. 




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