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Real Estate Agent with Global Luxury Realty LLC

Global Luxury Realty LLC has a unique outlook on South Beach Real Estate.  With 46 active agents on it's roster now i have the opportunity to get a good look at what is selling and the feedback from our agents.


The general consensis is that the market is really heating up.  Today we only have 29 foreclosures on the market.


The feedback from agents is that there is tons on competition among buyers these days.  Many Miami and Miami Beach properties are selling for over asking price.

I am getting a bunch of complaints from our agents still regarding the REO agents.  The accross the board one size fits all is that REO agents are NOT presenting all offers and don't respond to cooperating agents request.  This has become a personal pet pieve of mine as i am hearing it from many of my agents.  One REO agent from KW first name Sandy has been a particularly challenging.  Every offer our firm has made has fallen on Deaf ears.  She had a property listed for months and when we made the offer it was taken off the market the next day?  Go figure. 

Despite the frustration with dealing with REO agents short sales have had an upswing in Closings.  We have been seeing more and more closed short sale transactions that have actually closed.

Prices are steadily on the rise

Buyer leads have risen by nearly 100%. 


Agents are also coming in droves to join the 100% commission programs that Global Luxury Realty is offering.  This week alone we have joined 4 new agents...Welcome.


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