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Sell House Fast - Youngsville LA: You are selling your home but must move out of state in a few weeks. Your cousin and an aunt will each be showing it for you and they live on separate ends of town, making it difficult for them to share a key. You could just get an extra key made, but you would also like to have the option of letting a real estate professional take someone through it if they find a possible buyer. The solution would be a lockbox.

Using a Lockbox for Your Home The lockbox is secured to the front door handle and contains a key to the house. The people who will have access to the house must be able to get in without someone coming over to let them in. You also have a trusted friend that is going to replace the carpet for you when he gets around to it. Once again, the lockbox is the answer. You can use the type with a combination that opens the box, revealing the spare key that can be used, and then replaced when finished, locking it back into the box until next time.

This is the older way of doing things, as the new way involves an electronic key that isn’t really a key at all. It’s more like a card that opens a hotel room. It might also involve a code programmed into a cell phone that works with an infrared sensor in the box. In that case you can even set the hours at which you want people to have access to the house. The box won’t open for anyone outside of those hours unless you reprogram it to.

Leaving the key in a lockbox sometimes seems a little silly when you are really after keeping out burglars, vandals, and kids. Well, here’s big news for you. All they have to do is knock out a window or break in otherwise to access the vacant house. It’s a good idea to have an alarm system that you can give the code to those you want to enter the house. This way the house will be protected from break ins whether you have a lockbox or not. Lockboxes really only keep the honest people honest if you think about it. Real estate agents use them for MLS houses that may have a hundred agents wishing to show the house. That makes more sense than using a lockbox for an individual selling his or her own home.

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