Common Household Pests to Beware of

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house pestsPests live where there is food and conducive breeding ground. They are everywhere and we cannot scape doing some pest control sometime in our lives. This is specially true with living in an old house, where most of these animals may had lived there long before you. No matter how common they are, the danger they bring cannot be ignored.

Bed Bugs (climex lectarius) are the most common but elusive pest in the world. Their preference of human blood as food makes me think they are vampiric or something. They are tiny and can lay eggs on any cracks or screw holes. They are also nocturnal, feeding when the prey is most likely sleeping. Bed bug bites does not injure a lot, but they may leave some unexplainable rashes on the limbs or neck,  as well itchiness to those allergic to it. Detection includes using trained dog detectors, which can sniff bug nests in minutes compared to professional exterminators.

Termites are highly social and organized insects just like their close relatives -ants.  They tunnel to wooden structures of your home as well as destroy furniture and carton boxes. Signs of a termite infestation is the presence of a mound of mud, which makes up their nest; powdery particles like scattered on a wooden structure as well as holes and tunnels on the walls, posts and furniture legs. In these cases, an exterminator will help solve the problem.

Mosquitoes-The non-blood sucking ones we tolerate, but not the kind that bite. Aside from the bite rashes and annoying buzz, mosquitoes are top vector carrier of disease-causing viruses like West Nile virus, malaria, dengue and others. They most-likely breed to places with stagnant water like ponds, plants stalks and clogged gutters. Depending on the species, you can find these insects awake both day and night.

Ants-ants are generally harmless, unlike other disease-carrying bugs. They are only present inside your house for one thing: food.  They collect anything that can are biodegradable, like bread crumbs, kitchen spills and even dead insects. The ones that bite are the most annoying. If your kitchen has more armies that you can handle, then your kitchen needs a general cleanup.

Cockroaches- The nastiest of the bugs you can find. Roaches in the kitchen is a sure sign of poor storage. They can gnaw on carton boxes, old paper documents and clothing. You can find them in dark, damp places like closets, ceilings and storage areas. They are also known to spread potentially harmful microbes. Their bites also swell because their legs are infected with bacteria. Gross as it is, people have to deal with these bugs head on.

Rodents- are the only pests that are not part of the the bug family. They include rats, mice, and sometimes, squirrels. They are scavengers that migrate in secluded places of the house food and shelter. Rats can also be carriers of diseases they don’t usually bite. One good idea to ward these pest off the house is to have dogs & cats that are trained to track & hunt for rodents.

Aside from on the spot remedy like pesticides, traps, and poisons, pest control is mainly of controlling breeding grounds, sealing-off all food storage and over-all cleanliness of the house. Make sure that they cannot breed and feed in your house. In cases some serious infestation, call an animal professional who exactly knows how to deal with a specific pest.
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Jennifer Moran Foland
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Very creepy post:) Don't miss the mosquitos in Las Vegas!

Oct 25, 2011 07:06 PM
Ronald DiLalla
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Great post with Haloween just around the  corner....great list of insects and rodents...thanks for sharing.

Oct 25, 2011 08:27 PM