Angry Birds - What is in the Name?

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The craze these days is the Angry Bird Game.  I am exposed to a lot of people in my profession and I have realized that it does not matter age, creed, color, sex, EVERYONE is talking about it!  I believe that the name itself, may not be appealing to some folks, while it is obviously appealing to the majority.  Why, one would ask?  Well, for me, I would fit in the first category.  Being in a people business, where for the past 4 years I have met with clients on a weekly basis that are VERY Angry.  Most weeks, at least 2 couples have sat at the dining room table with me either crying their hearts out or "cussing like a Sailor" that the biggest investment of their life is in the toilet And there is no immediate hope. So, the last thing that I want to do is go cuddle up with my iPad and play a game called Angry Birds!  My day was spent with Angry people, why would I?  The word angry just doesn't even have a nice connotation, much less enjoyment!

However, One must realize that this game is a popular game that other's are enjoying!  Apparently, it is fun, captivating and Rewarding.  Only did I realize how compelling this game Is, was  when my 4 year old Grandson's face lit up like a Christmas tree one Saturday morning, when I walked into the family room with an Angry Birds T-shirt on!  Really? I was amazed, you would have thought he had just seen Santa Claus. Wow!

Does a name really matter?  I don't know! I have said for years I could work for "Garbage Real Estate" and be successful.  If you give a high level of customer service, treat people like you want to be treated and know your product, a name, really will not make the difference. What matters is the Branding! Brand yourself(or in this case, a game) and the value is maintained.    

For all Angry Bird Lovers enjoy your Birds!  For those of us who can't play anything with even a hint of angry, this to shall pass.  Because, the real estate market is improving and we are going to be working with all happy people in the future! 

Just go for it! Name" it " what your heart desires!  In my humble opinion, it is not about the name!


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