Where do you stand on design trends?

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Are you they type who has to rush out and get the latest and greatest and be sure it’s incorporated into your home? Do you even know what the latest trends are?


One of the reasons I hate to follow trends is just about the time you start to follow one and think you finally know what is “in” you are actually out. BUMMER!  More significantly, I just like to be unique and do my own thing. I really don’t like the idea of someone else telling me what is in or out.


When I start to see the same types of accessories pop up in everyone’s home, I have to admit I cringe a little bit. Especially if it is pretty obvious it is done to follow a trend. I’d rather fill my house with things I love or that have significance to me, even if they are not on the current “hot list.”


It isn't hard though, because when you start to see everyone heading in a direction, it is easy to fall in love with the look and want to copy it for yourself. And there really isn’t any thing wrong at all with incorporating some trends into your own style, if you truly love them.

I am happy to see that the trends have moved away from the stark modern look to a style that incorporates some richer and bolder colors, more textures, layers, antiques and items collected. It seems like the current trend makes it easier for those who have been collecting things over time to be somewhat “in” without even trying!

It is easy to get stuck in a rut of what you’ve always done and not really know how to update your look on a budget, even if you wanted to. By being aware of the trends, it is easier to shop and be able to pick out bargains that keep your style current, if that is important to you. You don’t need to shop at the high end shops when you know what to look for in the bargain or thrift shops!

I do appreciate seeing things in a new way, so it is worth looking over trends to see how you could use what you already have and see it with fresh eyes! And in some cases, you might already own some of the new trends! You might even think of them as out of date when really, they are back around again and even being used or paired in new ways. So I guess if you already have something that is in, even though you’ve had it for 20 years, it makes you a trend setter! YES!

Natural materials with organic textures and finishes will become even more popular... think wallpaper, upholstery and drapery in nature-inspired patterns and neutral colors.

I see people are still ridding themselves of all things brass, but in case you didn’t know, brass is in again. Yes. You can stop spray painting now! Unless of course, you really don’t care about what is “in” and you do actually hate brass. Then spray paint away! And if you see brass at my house, don’t shake your head at me thinking I’m out, I am SO IN.

So, what do you think about trends? Is it something you prefer to ignore or do you like to look at what is new? Or like me, are you somewhere in the middle between enjoying seeing what is new and yet not wanting to over think it?

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