The Big Pink Ribbon…..

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What is your passion?  Is there a song that moves you….a worthwhile cause, or perhaps a hobby? 

Well, last Saturday, the passion of many was illustrated in the form of a huge Pink Ribbon.  A universal symbol of the fight against Breast Cancer.  Many citizens of Polk County and beyond, gathered together to combine their efforts in that monumental fight….to heighten awareness, to celebrate the survivors, to honor those who fought so valiantly but lost that fight.  There were many who selflessly organized the effort and many more who attended to show their support.  Regardless of the motives, everyone was there for one reason. 

It was a privilege to be even a minute part of this event.  I saw infants and elderly, men and women, children of every age.  There were many who were fighting the battle at that very moment and many who had fought and won.   I observed every race,  the healthy and the infirmed, the disabled…. there were no barriers to deter their goal.  There seemed to be no limitations of those who were afflicted and  for those who attended, their passion was their motivation!

The endless sea of pink shirts represented a people dedicated to eradicating this horrific disease.  But for every pink shirt, there was a face, many with tears in sharing their story.  For others, there was an unwavering determination reflected in their eyes…. and in the stories they shared, was that of a family member or a friend….whom they loved. 

In our eyes, we see a bright future ….a life without Breast Cancer!  What a beautiful day.


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