The excitement in a past client's voice

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Today I had a real joy talking to one of my past clients on the phone. I had called her a couple days ago to see if I could stop off, to see how things were going, and hadn't gotten a call back until today.

It seems my client, being from Arizona, had never been to the ocean, and her son had taken her to the beach for a few days. The excitement in her voice was something I normally only hear from kids when you announce we are going to the beach.

As an adult who has lived in Oregon my whole life, and being only an hour from the beach, I just don't think about someone never having seen the ocean in their life. It really is an awesome site.

This client was just in awe to how much fun she had during her 2 days at the Oregon Coast. It really reminded me that we each have a child inside us, we just have to figure out what it takes to get it out of us.

For her it was seeing the Ocean for the first time, what is your inner child calling for?

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Fran Gaspari
Patriot Land Transfer, Inc. - Limerick, PA
"The Title Man" - Title Insurance - PA & NJ


It's the simple things in life we miss...and take for granted. I was 33 years old before I witnessed and was amazed at seeing my first sunrise!!! Thanks,   Fran

Oct 31, 2007 11:41 AM
Michelle Pine
Kris Weaver Real Estate Team - Virginia Beach, VA
ABR, GRI, Hampton Roads Real Estate

Well my inner child is calling for HALLOWEEN to be over- I am too stuffed on KIT-KAT's and Reese's PB Cups right now- but Hey I will be up reading for a while!  I am looking forward to some COLD weather, maybe some snow- that would be fun!


Oct 31, 2007 11:43 AM
Steve Glose
Keller Williams Classic Group - Orlando, FL
TRC, CIPS, 407-616-7286, Orlando Real Estate, Orla


I live 10 minutes from the doors of Walt Disney World and I can't tell you the last time I was there. I think we all have the chance to visit our inner child but find that our busy lives get in the way.

Oct 31, 2007 11:47 AM
Lisa Hill
Florida Property Experts - Daytona Beach, FL
Daytona Beach Real Estate

I've got you beat. I'm born and raised in Daytona Beach, yet I never go unless I have a listing on the ocean. I say you can tell the natives from the transplants by their tans, or lack thereof. True natives know better than to spend too much time in the Florida sun. The skin damage isn't worth it.

But I know what you mean, when you find delight in the little things enjoyed by clients. Or anyone who finds enjoyment in the little things. Blue skies and puffy white clouds do it for me =) 

Oct 31, 2007 12:00 PM
Jeannette Neerpat - Coral Springs, FL
e-Pro Coral Springs/Parkland Real Estate

I hear you on that one. I was talking with a client and she was saying how beautiful a particular place was. I had no idea what she was talking about. It was 10 minutes from me. You definetly know who is visiting and who is not. I got to take the time out just to sneak a peak.

Not only that I have never been to the Keys and yet have been living in South Floirida for close to 20 years. Go figure.

Oct 31, 2007 12:21 PM
Candy Henthorne
Results Realty - Spring, TX
Spring Texas Real Estate
I am looking forward to taking my youngest son (he is 21) to see snow for the first time.  We have had a few flakes, but none that would stick, not like the snow I had as a child. 
Oct 31, 2007 02:59 PM
Roberta LaRocca
Simply Vegas Real Estate - Las Vegas, NV
REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507
Todd, I would like to go to Disneyland.  I was in Disney World when my kids were small but now I want to go to Disney as an adult with no kids!  Of course, my boys are welcome to come with me but they think they are too big (18 and 16) for Mickey Mouse.  Little do they know that nobody is too big for Mickey!
Oct 31, 2007 03:57 PM
Kathy McGraw
CELLing Realty - White Water, CA
Riverside County CA Real Estate
My inner child loves to listen to children's know the "Wheels on the bus go round and round"  or any of the fun and silly songs I learned as a child.  I turn them on, and just get filled with peace and Grandkids either think I'm nuts, or fun, don't know which....but I love a day of children's songs :) :)
Nov 01, 2007 02:01 AM
Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

Fran - It was amazing wasn't it? So, what girl talked you into it?

Michelle - Snow would be nice, we don't get enough here!

Steve - We are trying to get there next year as part of my personal goals

Lisa - It happens to all of us and we forget to enjoy what we have and always look at others places with the so called greener grass.

Jeanette - Sounds like you need to take a couple days off and go!

Candy - 21 and has never experienced snow? You so have to take him! He will love it, make sure you take him tubing for his first time on the snow.

Roberta - No such things as too old for Mickey. People like me have more in common with Goofy now though.

Kathy - That game is sitting on my dining room table right now! - lol    There is nothing wrong with enjoying kids' music, it keeps you young.

Nov 01, 2007 02:24 PM
Judy Kincaid
Tampa, FL
Todd -- That was a sweet story.  I was born and raised in Florida but moved all around the country before finally moving back to Florida.  The two places I lived that I liked the least were Phoenix and Atlanta...because I felt so landlocked...almost claustrophobic.  I have to be able to get to the beach within a hour or less!
Nov 01, 2007 04:19 PM
Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon
Judy - It really was awesome hearing her excitement.
Nov 11, 2007 05:05 PM
Marian Gregor-Ann
Keller Williams - Ann Arbor, MI
Arbor area Real Estate

Hi Todd, OK, here's the corny part, yet it is so true. Those things that we are most familiar with, those things that we don't look at with fresh eyes are often the most amazing in our lives. It can sometimes take another's reaction for us to see with 'new eyes'.

Dec 12, 2008 10:41 AM
Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

Marian - It really was fun hearing that excitement and reminded me of how lucky I really am to live here.

Mar 21, 2009 07:21 AM