Lifes Little Lessons from a two year old

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Life's Little Lessons From a Two Year Old

Life's little lessons, or more like big lessons, come to us on a daily basis.  If we are in the right place to receive them the lessons come to us easily.  If we are rushing around and stressed out the lessons usually do not resonate and it can eventually take a proverbial whack upside the head for us to "get it".

This Sunday, or Sonday as I refer to the days I am in charge of our two year old son, I was fortunate enough to be at the right place and in the right frame of mind to receive the lesson that I needed.  It helps that I really enjoy Sondays; it is a rare time during any given week where my son and I get to do father and son stuff together, just us two.  On this Sonday I needed to stop into my office and do a few things before we could officially kick off our fun day of togetherness.  After the quick stop at the office it was off to Starbucks so that my son, Holt, could refuel with a refreshing chocolate milk.  And yes, I needed something stronger than chocolate milk. 

It was the moments after entering Starbucks that I learned my lesson.  Holty was dressed in his favorite "Woody" onesie and  (if I may) looking super cute.  When we walked into Starbucks all eyes happened to turn to him and so he started waving to everyone and saying hello.  He caught the particular attention of a man with his son standing at the cash register.  Holty mosied over started talking to the father and son and exchanging high fives and thumbs up.  Holty's little display of gregariousness tickled this man into purchasing Holty's chocolate milk and I heard the man say, "this one's on me little guy".

I learned that with a smile and a positive attitude ( and maybe a dash of cuteness ) you can get whatever you want.  Emphasis on the positive attitude. 

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