How long do you keep your Halloween decorations up for?

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How long do you keep your Halloween decorations up for? 

It is a really good question.  Tonight at my office, Quantum One Realty, we had "Happy Halloween Happy Hour".  The decorations went up this morning and they were down by the end of the party.  My friend, Erik, who I work with, thinks they should stay up until Thanksgiving.  My friend, David, who I also work with, is the one that started taking down the decorations, immediately when the party ended. 

I personally think it's ok, to keep your decorations up for a week or 2 after Halloween.  Two weeks is probably pushing it.  Then it is time to get out your turkey decor which is basically up until the day after Thanksgiving.  That's when I start getting all of my Christmas decorations out.  Then the day after Christmas should be the day you put all of your decorations away and head down to the sunshine, in Florida.

If you are looking to come down to South Florida or you know someone who wants to come for the season.  I am the "Rental Queen" for you.  You can contact me by email or calling me.

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