Texas Makes it harder to get a Real Estate License

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As if it weren't hard enough, according to some, to get a real estate license in Texas. Effective January 1, it will become a little harder to get your real estate license in Texas, specifically, a Broker License! I was in favor of more requirements for brokers to get their license and I definitely think it will help the consumers in the long run with these new requirements.

An applicant is required to establish that the applicant has obtained 3600 points of active experience with documentary evidence and a statement from the applicant's sponsoring broker at the time the experience was earned. An applicant must demonstate experience for four out of five years.

According to the TREC Advisor, our newsletter that is available to Realtors, certain types of transactions are worth a certain number of points and he applicant is required to use the forms adopted by reference in the rule to summarize the transactions. Applicants will get more points for "commerical" transactions over residential.

These changes are interesting for sure and it's about time these requirements were reviewed. What do you think? Brokers in other states, do you think this new requirement is a change for the good or bad? What are your state's requirements?

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