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What works for you? A 1-800 number? QR Code? Voicepad? Text system?

I recently ran across a great text system that over comes a lot of the flaws of the systems above. If you haven't checked out , you are missing out on a great tool to capture buyers and leads for your team. Sikku (seek-you) is a text system that pretty much sends an MLS feed to your customers smart phone within 20 seconds. It gives the prospective buyer all the information they need, including pictures directly from the MLS. In addition to the listing, sikku has a series of text commands your buyer can use from calculating a mortgage payment to getting an estimated value of the house directly to their phone. 

How does it all work? Sikku has sign riders that have the buyer text LV and the house number to 74558 (SIKKU on your phone). The listing will pop up on their phone, and simultaneously the listing agent and lender get a text and email with the customer cell phone number. The customer's cell phone number and property they inquired on stays in your dashboard so you can follow up. The Realtor and the lender have the ability to invite the buyer in to their sikku network. Once the buyer accepts the invite, the buyer stays in the listing agent and lenders network. The sikku system can be used for any house listed on the MLS, so as they go and look at other properties, you and the original listing agent are notified. 

Sikku also provides an online site where the customer can literally view the MLS, and as they view the MLS, you are notified. 

Why sikku? Texting is the trend right now... the average age of a home buyer nationwide is 30 (and because I am 30, I know everyone my age and younger texts like crazy). This allows them to get info on the house without having to talk to someone on an 800 number, key an address in on voicepad, and run out of their car to try to focus in on the QR Code to take a picture. Haven't seen sikku out in the market??? It's because it is new, and people who make money in this business are the first to use a system and jump on to a trend in the beginning, rather than waiting. 

If you would like access to the system, email me and I would be happy to send you an invite. It is free, and it is free to invite your customers in. Another tool you can use at no cost to offer to your clients and to increase your business. 


Sikku is currently only available in certain markets.



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David Gibson CNE, 719-304-4684 ~ Colorado Springs Relocation
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Joseph that is an interesting concept. I went to the site to check it out. Not in my area yet but I’ll be interested to hear how it works for others until it gets here.
Oct 27, 2011 10:30 AM