Want to save your home by doing a loan modification?

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If you want to save your home by doing a loan modification don't try to do it yourself. As part of our team we have a former loss mitigation manager from indy Mac Bank and we truly know what is going on behind the scenes at the bank(s)

If you go up against them yourself your fight with them will be long, and frustrating. At least let us talk to you about your situation and discuss the best options for you. There is no charge at all to talk to us. Don't just roll over and do what the banks say just so they can turn you down in six months and then foreclose on you. I have seen it time and time again and that is why i am now one of the biggest home advocates for home owners in the area. That's right. I am an advocate, not just a licensed broker.

Now, I am not saying we can guarantee to save your home, but with loan modifications happening at only a 7.0% rate I know we can at least discuss your options and give you a much better chance than what is currently happening in the market.

Don't hide any more. Many people are in your situation and it is a great time to take action. The banks are willing to work with you as they really do not want to take the home back. Now, they will if it makes financial sense and that is where we come in. We can help to package your situation so it is more attractive for them not to foreclose on your property.

Again, we are advocates for you the home owner and our fees again for this are 0.00 to you. Is that fair enough? Contact us today you'll be glad you did.

Carl Gresen



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