Spooc-tacular story

Real Estate Agent with Illinois Flat Fee MLS


I'm currently working with a client who is looking to buy a small strip center.

 Last week I found him something that he was interested at, and he asked for more details. Right away I called up the listing office and asked for all the details that weren't listed; like leasing expirations etc. They said that I would have to talk to the listing agent, so I had to wait for him to call me back.

 A few hours later the Realtor called me back (wasn't very polite for some reason), asked me for my name, the office I work for and my ID number and connected me to the receptionist to get the rest of my info so she will e-mail me the details I was looking for.

A week later, still waiting for that e-mail. The Realtor and the receptionist nowhere to be found and nobody else in the office seems to cooperate. And we all know what's the reason behind that...

My client moved on and we are now negotiating another deal, but I was left questioning myself "What will that agent say to his client when the listing expires and still not sold?"

Happy Halloween everybody!

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