What Can James Bond Teach Us About Real Estate?

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Please read this blog post from an ActiveRain colleague of mine about what James Bond can teach us (Realtors, agents, buyers, sellers) about real estate.  It's fun, engaging, and real.  

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What can James Bond teach us about real estate?  A lot.  Think about it.  Bond was the ultimate spy, and he had certain characteristics that nearly every spy movie that has followed Goldfinger has copied.  He set the standard for the movie spy.  So, what can James teach us?

  • He was confident.  He knew his craft well, and he was confident.  Some may see that as cocky, but confidence is simply an assurance that know what you're doing.  That's the kind of Realtor I would want.
  • He was always prepared for anything.  A Bond movie would be boring if it wasn't changing constantly.  We've come to expect a nose bleed level of action in a Bond movie, and they never disappoint.  It would be wonderful if every real estate deal went smooth, but we all know that is more fantasy than a Bond flick.  We've got to always be prepared for every contingency. 
  • He had a vision of the end of every mission.  Bond often took his lumps.  He was beat up, shot and left for dead more than once, but that isn't how he entered a mission  No way!  He saw the end of his missions from the beginning.  He planned on completing every mission just like he envisioned.  A stressed out short sale seller needs a Bond type Realtor.  To often they are too stressed out to see the end result while they're in the process of trying to stay afloat.
  • He always carried himself as the consummate professional.  Bond looked like he was fit for any mission.  He carried himself with the assurance that he was the best at his craft.  Sellers and buyers alike need a self-assured (but not arrogant) professional.
  • He always got the girl.  OK, I just threw that one in there, but in reality, he attracted people.  A confident, self-assured consummate professional builds confidence in clients, and that image attracts people.

So, when you pull up to the bar to ask for your favorite vodka martini shaken, not stirred, do it with your best Bond voice.  You can do it when ordering a Cherry Coke too. 


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