If your not tracking, your not marketing.

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We're often asked what works and what doesn't work when reaching out to homeowners in pre foreclosure. The reality is, there are a host of variables that determine the success rate of your marketing, be it online, offline, or ideally a combination of both. Your design, your copy, your call to action, the list, the package, the number of touch points, the online destination where you direct those homeowners to,  are just some of the myriad variables that will determine marketing results. Yet what works shouldn't be left to guesswork but methodically pinpointed based on results - or lack of results, over time. 

The first and most obvious way to ascertain where your prospects are coming from is to ask them how they came across you, but what if they respon, "I got your mail piece" you have four different mail pieces you've sent out to four different lists? While you can place a marketing/promotional code on your material, this strikes as a little inpersonal, particularily when working with distressed homeowners. 

Enter a program like tossabledigits.com, which enables people to pick multiple phone numbers and "toss"/replace those numbers when they are no longer needed. You can assign different numbers to varying marketing campaigns. For example, mail piece A has a 222-3232 phone number on it. Mail piece B has a 333-4545 phone number, etc. Since the number of calls can be tracked, let's say mail piece B generates 40% more calls than mail piece A. At this point, you probably want to direct more resources into the better performing mail piece. 

If you are driving homeowners to a website, you can use Google Analytics to gauge how effective your offline marketing is. For example, let's say you want to find out what the best report is to offer distressed homeowners, so you erect two separate landing pages. One is bobcares.com and the other is bobstopsforeclosure.com. Assuming that everything else is equal on the mail pieces except the type of free report, you can measure which landing page has the most hits, and you would know which report is more alluring to homeowners. 

By embracing this mind set of testing and tracking and fine tuning, you can eliminate a lot of waste and get more results. 

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