Buyer Misconceptions

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•1)                  Agents work for the buyer.

When a buyer starts to work with an agent they are asked to sign an agency disclosure from NY State. This lets them know who the agent is working for.

On Long Island in most cases the agents are working as a seller's agent.. If you want an agent to work for the buyer they have to sign a Buyer Brokerage agreement.


•1)                  They do not need a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval from a lending institution.

If a buyer does not know what they are qualified to buy, they may be looking at houses in the wrong price range, Find a house they like, and the find out they can't buy it! Talk about a let down. Besides a sellers attorney will not let the deal proceed without a pre-approval or pre-qualification. This pertains to where attorneys are used in real estate deals.


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Sky Realty South Austin - Austin, TX
  It's the same here in Texas...  all agents represent the SELLER unless the BUYER has a contractual agreement ( a buyers representation agreement) signed with that agent.  We are obliged by the state to have an Information About Brokerage Services document signed by the prospective buyer on the FIRST face to face meeting (or now email them) this explains who represents whom and you have a Right To Representation.   I've heard its just a matter of time before all states are demanding this representation for buyers.  
Nov 01, 2007 02:13 AM
John Allegro
Century 21 Catapano Homes - Bethpage, NY


Exactly!  We are the same throughout the state of New York except in our area most Real Estate Agents are having a tough time accepting Buyer Brokerage.  The buyers do not know the difference because the agents are not educating them. We do have a disclosure form that the buyer is asked to sign on the first face to face, but it is not mandatory to sign it. We do have to mark the form as refused to sign. So as the rest of the country goes the way of Buyer Brokerage, we are still in its infancy. Buyers do not know what they are missing

Nov 05, 2007 05:15 AM