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Number one Home buying or selling key - Most important Home buying or selling key in Mesa AZ

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The Number One Most Important Key in Home Buying or Home Selling in Mesa Az is:

Get the Price Right from the beginning of the listing for sellers!

Know the correct value of the home (not neccessarily the list price) before you put in an offer - for buyers!

The why to this most important key should be obvious, if you don't know or get the value right from the start, you may loose a ton of money!  Ouch!

Listings tend to sell best in their intitial period, or in the 1st week or so they are listed. If they blow it by being over priced & then have to lower the price, they still can't regain that 1st impression to the market they lost by being initially over priced.  And if the market is declining as ours has been for several years, extra time on the market can cost thousands in a lower delayed sales price.

A buyer who doesn't know the real value may over bid & pay too much for the home.  And if the appraiser, who is supposed to be a protection against this happening, just rubber stamps the contract price, as many agents & lenders want them to do, as often appears to happen, the buyer does not get to renegotiate a better price on the strength of the appraisal value.

So, who can correctly inform sellers & buyers of accurate vlaues & sales prices?  Well, the real estate agent is supposed to be able to do that, but no real valuation education is required or offered to agents to get their lic. or afterwards & many have never taken any kind of a valuation class. Most use the MLS CMA that prints out a page of area listijgs & sales & comes up with an average value for the neighborhood. But in many neighborhoods their is thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of value difference between avg & the better homes or the ones needing work. How does your house fit?  A shotgun is probably not the best valuation tool to use, & yet this appears to be the best many agents can come up with. It's not their fault, at least not completely, they just are not taught how.

If you want the best valuation information available in the listing or buying of your home, call a double agent.

I've made my living as both a certified appraiser & real estate agent for over 20 years & will give you the best value knowledge to make the best deal you can in this market. Don't wonder if, Get the answer you need!

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Jeff Jensen
The Federal Savings Bank/Lending in 50 states - Greenwich, CT

In this market there are few sellers who really pay attention to the trends and statistics.

Oct 29, 2011 11:16 AM