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Perception is the Buyers 1st Indication of Whether a home is for Them.

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This value information is from an excellent Stager from Burlington,  Ontario.  Thank you Janice Ankrett!  Well worth reblogging for all to read and benefit from! 

Original content by Janice Ankrett


Staging is all about presenting a home to buyers. Staging helps the buyers see the home's features in  a positive light. We stage the home to highlight the features of the home. We also show the buyer how to live with the less attractive features.

If a buyer walks into a home with issues, no matter how small, they will assume there may be issues even worse that they cannot see.

If the buyer walks into a home that has been prepared for sale they will not be distracted by the negatives. They will see a home that a seller cares about and is well maintained.

From the moment a buyer arrives, show them you are house proud. Present a clean, clutter free space. Make sure the house flows from one area to another. Buyers want to see spacious rooms that work. If it works for you, it will work for them.

The buyer should be able to see past you and your lifestyle. They need to be able to visualize living in your home.

Imagine looking at two homes that are the same model in a development. One home is clean, easy to walk through,  bright and has a neutral envelope. The second home has uncut grass, marks on the walls from kids and furniture, dark colors on the walls that are not to your taste, light fixtures not working and rooms full of furniture you have to ease by to see the next area. Both homes have the same features and are on similar streets.

Which one would you choose? Your perception is that the first home is move-in ready and that the second home needs work. The first seller appears to care about the house and maintain it. The second seller appears not to care about the upkeep of their home.

Buyers tastes may vary but they all want a good deal. Show the buyers your home is worth the listing price. Leaving it to chance may bring offers but will those offers be from bargain hunters? Your home may be just as solid as the first house but will the buyers be able to see that?

How will the buyers perceive your home? Contact a local stager for a consult and find out how the buyers will see your home.




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Janice Ankrett
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Carol, thank you for the re-blog!

Oct 30, 2011 12:09 PM