New Englander Problems!

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In the aftermath of a devastating October snow storm, here are some observations I thought I'd share (irony/laughs.)  In the spirit of the madness I'm calling it, "New Englander Problems!"

Melting snow to flush your toilet?

Car has a full tank of gas, but you wait in line an hour at the pump to fill a 5 gallon can for your generator?

First snow storm of the year and you break your snow shovel?

"Trick or Treating" cancelled because of downed trees and power lines?

Out hunting for gas, but some poor guy crossing the street on his bike is just looking for an open bar?

Trying on Halloween costumes OVER your snow gear?

Considering a life threatening trip to Yankee Candle just to stock up "Housewarmer" candles?

Got cash but can't find anyplace to spend it?

Taking a number at Home Depot for a backup generator?

Chainsaw is running but have to decide where to start... the tree on the house or the tree on the car?

Start your Saturday yardwork with a rake but have to finish with a snowblower?

Running your car just to charge your phone?

Can't carve your pumpkins because they are frozen solid?

Found an open Dunkin Donuts, but can't get enough traction to get up to the drive-through window?

Run out of gas while waiting in line to get gas?


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