Does Your Home Have Rhythm? Part 3

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OK! The third and last installment about rhythm is here! Today it's all about radiation, contrast and alternation. Give me a three-count and away we go!


  • Radiation - This is the rhythm created when lines extend out from a central point. The most common use of this type of rhythm is in lighting fixtures like chandeliers. The rooms that you will see this type of rhythm used in the most are the dining room and entryways.

image source


  • Contrast - When you put opposites close to each other. Smooth next to rough, a square glass top on a circular table base or even black and white. Another use of contrast is putting an ornately carved piece of furniture in a room that is modern. In this image, the white of the woodwork contrasts very strongly with the black of the door. The wallpaper is also high in contrast.


image source

And AH...Three!

  • Alternation - when two different forms or lines alternate to create movement. Stripes or repeating geometrics such as a square then a circle are examples. See how they used alternating colors in the frames on the wall. This is just one example of a way to incorporate alternation into your design.

image source

As you can see, there is more than one form of rhythm in decorating. Each type serves to create interest, accent a focal point and/or keep the eye moving about the room.

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