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I thought it might be a good idea to post a blog about a few good ways to drive traffic to your real estate websites. These are methods I have had a ton of success with. This blog is just to cover some of the benefits of these marketing methods. I'll be posting some blogs here soon to explain in more detail the how to's.



Google Adwords

Adwords is one of my favorite ways to drive traffic. It's extremely easy and you can control every part of your marketing. Your leads will increase immediately. Some people run into trouble with Adwords when they don't use enough keywords or have their site set up properly to capture the traffic. If you aren't confident enough to set it up on your self, have an expert help you. Make sure they work with Realtors on a regular basis and have experience with website capture rate. If they aren't working together then they won't work at all.

Here are the benefits:

1) You control your budget every month

2) Traffic starts pouring into your website immediately

3) You control the type of traffic coming into your site

4) Start or stop anytime



Social Media & Blogging

I consider these one in the same. You shouldn't be bothering with one unless your doing the other. Social Media is a fantastic tool to drive more traffic to your blog. If you were smart and attached your blog to your website, you will increase the total time people are staying on your website. Include price ranges from the various searches on your blog. This helps move your traffic from your blog, to your IDX where you capture their information. I know this is a very basic explanation of how this works, but the point of this blog is a quick description of different ways to drive traffic. It's not a social media or blog class. Not in this article anyways.


Here are the benefits:

1) The people coming to your blog are staying on your website 3 times longer.

2) Your more likely to get a lead from a website visitor that stays on your site for an extended period of time.

3) You can reach a larger audience with less work

4) Most social media accounts can be integrated to save you time





There are a lot of different theories about what good SEO is. I'm going to keep this simple. There is a simple method that you can use to increase traffic to your site. Back links are a popular method of increasing your ranking. Google will increase the rank of your site if you have a lot of quality back links from other websites. Create a different site or blog for each keyword you want to rank for. The page should focus on that particular keyword. It should have several links back to your website. I like to include price range searches as a simple method of capturing that traffic. The price ranges take them to your main site where they can search those properties. Include pictures of the area and repeat the keyword a lot throughout the page. The purpose of this page is to give you a chance to capture traffic. If possible, buy domains that state your keyword. You can also increase your websites ranking by building these pages into your main site as well. The same concept applies minus the back links. I will be posting a blog soon with more specific information on how to do this. Subscribe if you want a free tutorial.


Here are the benefits.

1) Increased traffic from your specific keywords

2) Increased ranking in search engines

3) Increased leads from back links

4) Control over which keywords you rank for



QR Codes

The future of real estate marketing is here! QR Codes are a fantastic way to generate better quality leads from all of your listings, print marketing and business cards. QR Codes have successfully been used in real estate applications for the last 6 years in the UK. They are just now taking steam here in the US. QR Codes can help deliver better quality leads due in part to the method of delivering the information to the consumer. Lets say a potential client is walking by one of your listings. They are interested in the property. With a QR Code on your sign, the potential client can access the listing information immediately without having to wait to try and find it online later. Not only that, but you generate a lead and can track your scan. This is assuming of course your smart and use analytics with your QR Codes to track. Free QR Codes are worthless in my opinion for real estate agents. Your not trying just to redirect a potential client. Your trying to track marketing campaign effectiveness and capture lead information.


Here are the benefits:

1) Better quality leads

2) QR Codes can be used in any type of marketing platform your using

3) Track the effectiveness of print marketing campaigns in a way never before possible

4) Increased exposure/traffic for all of your listings



These are just a few different methods of driving traffic. I'll be posting tutorials in my blog about the proper ways to do these different types of marketing. Feel free to subscribe to if your interested in more information.


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