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What would I do with an extra 3 hours per week in my life???

I would like to think that I would do something meaningful for my community and my world. I can see myself volunteering…maybe at the Senior Center delivering meals to homebound seniors or maybe calling seniors to see if they are okay. I could volunteer to staff the office at the Senior Center for 3 hours per week.

Or I might volunteer at the local school as a tutor to a child struggling with reading or math. I can see myself showing up three times a week and spending an hour working with struggling students. Creating meaningful relationships with students that need a mentor and a role model is something that I would love to do.

I would like to spend some time at the local nursing home. I could hang out in the Rec Room and play cards and listen to stories. There are so many older folks that never see their family and seldom have visitors. I could be that visitor for three hours per week…

But, the reality is that if I had an extra three hours per week…I would spend it sleeping. I know myself pretty well. I have the best of intentions I really do. However, when that alarm goes off all I want to do is hit that snooze alarm button and pull the covers over my head and catch a few more wonderful minutes of sleep. I find that the sweetest sleep is the sleep I get after the alarm goes off…if the truth is to be known…I have hit the snooze button several times in a single morning. I love that bonus sleep.

Now before you think I am a total slacker let me assure you that I do have my moments of meaningful community time. I am on the Board of Directors of our local Association of Realtors and I am on the local School Board. But, if I had an extra 3 hours per week …I know what I would do with it…and how I would enjoy it!

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Thank you for letting me know about the DocuSign?ActiveRain contest.

Nov 01, 2011 07:04 PM
Amy Hahn
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Hank - I love your honesty, and your idea of what to do with 3 extra hours..... I for one was thinking more along the lines of curling up with a blankie, a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, but sleep would be nice too!  I've learned that if you want to get something done, Ask a REALTOR!  Most of us are busy, busy, busy helping and serving our communities.  I hope you get that 3 extra hours of sleep that you no doubt deserve.  Have a great day!

Nov 08, 2011 09:04 PM