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We all know one of them and boy a run in with one can ruin your mood, your day and even a sale. Could be an agent in your office that every time you see them its "Man this client lead me all over the city and wasted my time" or "man all the leads are garbage nothing ever closes" or "wow that's all the closings this month geez ABC Realty down the street is soo much better." Maybe it’s the listing agent you call that's got the I could care less voice going with you and responds to your cheery disposition with "yeah well I have 20 other offers so if your client doesn't like well oh well we have back up offers" or "I don't have time to answer your questions figure it out yourself" or you call and call and they just never reply. Maybe your negative Nancy is the bank you keep calling and calling every day and every day you get a new rep that tells you no nothing has happened on your short sale but I'll note the account and you can call back and something should happen and you think to yourself "I HAVE CALLED BACK 23 DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Breathe, stop, and smile if nothing else then to laugh at yourself for getting so on fire over a system that is well in a word FLAWED. Choose your battles guys and when you can't win don't get mad just focus on something else you can control and avoid those negative Nancy’s out there. If one person is constantly downing clients, agents even your office ask them why are you here still, why not get in a different line of work or go somewhere else or just look at them and smile and say I'm happy today so you can take the negativity elsewhere. Usually people like this aren't mad about what they're venting about they're really mad about some other aspect of their life they can't control and projecting it here where they influence and affect people. I'm mad at my girlfriend for dumping me so I'm going to dump on every one at my office and infect them with my crappy mood.
The listing agent with the bad attitude toward you isn't mad at you either. They are mad that they have to work twice as hard and twice as much twice as long to have an asset management co take a third of their money, but they can't yell at them for fear they'll lose their listing so instead they take it out on the world and on the poor buyers agents trying to get that first time home buyer their dream home. Have some understanding for both sides and you will get less upset. Listing agent remember buyers work with people and emotions and families and buyers agents remember this bank listing agents work with banks and numbers it's not 123 Apple St. quaint colonial in the city it's asset #123456 and they don't care that your clients are great and you love them they only care about their bottom line period end of story and said list agent can't change anything they are but a pawn in the REO game. A little extra understanding goes a long way!
To my short sale negotiating agents boy oh boy to keep at this is a skill, a game, a case by case file by file day by day ordeal guys. If you are not organized, persistent and have an enormous amount of patience well let someone who does do it because banks do not have anything together when it comes to these. I will say this the banks are getting better but even if you call every single day and have the most meticulously clean and concise file if you don't get the file in the right hands or escalated to the right person you will want to bang your head into a wall. Avoid this if you're not fully committed to this process is my best advice because if you’re not it will be harder than it needs to be. People who know what they're doing do it better so let them or get fully trained by them don't go it alone if you don’t have to.....
In closing you are what surrounds you so surround yourself with happy people and put a smile in your voice. It will get you further, it will pay off in the end and you will in fact sell more homes if you are happier and have more understanding for the people you are interacting with day to day! Positivity Pays!

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Trisha Boryszczuk

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Faith LaRosse
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We all know ONE of them?  I must have met my quota last week alone! 

Nov 02, 2011 02:44 AM
McMurray, PA

I try to stay positive and in this industry it can be hard at times.  Sometimes I think when I am happy is makes people more irritated.  Oh well I am still smiling!

Nov 02, 2011 02:54 AM
Trisha Dork
Elite Realty - Livonia, MI

I know ladies it is hard, some days more than others, but turning around the frown starts with #1 :-) smiles can be contagious as they say and I have had more than one person call me back after being cranky and say I'm sorry I was crabby lol whereas the times I let the bad mood get the best of me and have reacted with anger back I usually end up with an explostion from two bad attitudes mine and the other person. No resolution there.

Nov 02, 2011 08:03 AM