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Technology in Real Estate

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I should hope by now every real estate agent is using some sort of technology in their career.

 Alligator Cell PhoneI use a variety of tech tools to help me with reaching my real estate goals. I really enjoy learning new technology and can't wait to see the new stuff! I feel bad for the clients of a real estate agent that refuses to embrace new technology that can put his/her clients at the frontlines of what is happening in their market. Technology doesn't have to be scary!

If a house lists at a great price, I want to be able to find out about it right away so that I can see if it meets the needs of any of my clients. I almost considered a career in electronics, but realized real estate was the best way I could reach more people and offer advice. The tools I have found most helpful are split into three categories below.

  1. Laptop and programs
  2. Mobile Phone and apps
  3. Websites

To find out more about specifically what I use in these categories - please check out my more in depth blog at my website.

I also try to keep my listings syndicated to a plethora of websites for maxium exposure. I have heard that 90% of all home buyers have found their house online before ever setting up a showing. My listing package is very "technology packed", and I am surprised more real estate agents have not followed suit!

Wayne Goss
Keller Williams - Punta Gorda, FL


         Everybody is getting more and more techy. Nowadays, I have to figure out if my customer is a phone person, email person, text person, twitter person or maybe a combination of those and more. I recently had a customer whom would only communicate with me through text messaging. If I called her, emailed her or sent up smoke signal I heard nothing. I am not sure of the stats, but I think for text messaging, 90% are read..and 83% of text messages are answered in the first hour. Compare that to emails...where 90% of emails aren't even opened...Wayne

Nov 02, 2011 06:41 AM

Are you also using an iPad or similar tablet?  Why or why not? 

Nov 02, 2011 06:44 AM