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Home Staging in Kitchener Waterloo, ON

Do you live in Kitchener Waterloo, ON and surrounding area, but can't seem to get your house to sell? In today's slow market, adding a bit of flare to your home can be a good thing, and that's why you should consider home staging.  Home staging can make a tremendous difference in your selling experience, not only making your home that much more appealing to buyers but the result being your home selling quicker. 

Home Staging

Although it sounds basic - "Make things look nice" - there is a science to interior design and decor.  Home staging provides you with tips such as one of the most important things you should do to prepare for the sale of your home: get rid of the clutter.  Now, some people want to make their home seem livable and set it up to allow a potential buyer to relate with living there.  Yes, this is great, but there's a fine line between personalized appeal and personalized clutter. 

I specialize in home staging andHome Staging can assist you with everything from furniture grouping and lighting to complete room transformation. 

One wonderful thing about home staging is it doesn't have to stay behind when you move; the tips and techniques are somewhat universal.  For example, any small room is going to look bigger with mirrors. 

With my vast knowledge through both training and extensive personal experience, I know that with the help of my partner Sharon and I, we can make sure home staging will leave your home staged to sell!

Let us sell your Kitchener Waterloo, ON home faster through home staging!


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