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3 times this week my agents have had offers in on homes, all 3 short sales, and 3 times the listing agents have said verbally or via email "I am sending to my clients for seller signatures" and then backed out and took other offers....WOW!!! Where is the professionalism going in this industry? If you tell someone you are going to accept their clients offer well you better be sure that happens in my opinion. Reputation is everything in this business so don't be the one to tarnish someone elses by giving them incorrect information to give their clients or tarnish your own saying one thing but doing another. This is a hard time for all of us in the industry but that is no reason to throw honesty and integrity out the window!! Think about that poor first time home buyer who was told their offer was being signed and that they got the house only to find out ooops not so much.... We even had one agent say her clients accepted our offer then say nevermind do highest and best then say nevermind we are accepting the other offer then say "oh fine if you're going to  be mad about it I'll just have my clients sign your offer and good luck." WOW!!

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Trisha Boryszczuk

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