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Real Estate, interior decorating and Feng Shui all have something in common if approached a little differently: Location. In real estate, where your home is located is one of the things that can help to sell your property quickly and add value. In decorating, the location of your home on the property affects things like how much light is allowed inside and the location of furniture inside the home will affect traffic flow and comfort. Feng Shui is concerned not only with the location of the furniture inside your home, but with the physical location of your house on the property and the location of the property itself.

There are many reasons to focus on the exterior of your home and property. In real estate it provides curb appeal. in Feng Shui and interior design, the outdoors is an extension of your living space. For good Feng Shui, the landscape around your home needs to have these qualities:

  • landscape features that protect the house from harsh elements
  • extend your indoor living space to the outdoors
  • contain a sacred space that personally speaks to you (does not have to be religious)
  • create balance in size, shape and placement of different functions and features (the same as in interior design), and
  • correct the negative influences in your surroundings.

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The Yin/Yang on the inside and the outside of your home should always be balanced. Feng Shui principles teach how and where to place your home on your property and which properties are most advantageous for you. Instead of describing the landscape in Yin/Yang terms, Feng Shui texts compare it to the appearance of real and mythical animals to give a visual picture of what to look for in a property.

There are four animals associated with Location in Feng Shui: dragons, tigers, turtles, and the phoenix. I am going to break this up into four smaller articles so I can explain the importance of each in detail. The first is the dragon...

The Green Dragon

The reason that dragons are important in the landscape and location of your home is because the Chinese believe that dragons create harmony and give protection to your home. The dragon is the most important guardian of the four Feng Shui animals. Dragons are also important symbols of good fortune and are yang. The green dragon is the energy that motivates the occupants of the house to go out and be productive.

The green dragon is ideally placed in the East and on the left side of of the house when you look outside your front door. The dragon is green because that is the color associated with the Wood element in that section of the Bagua. The physical representation of the dragon in the landscape is high hills on the left-hand side of your property. If there are no hills in your area (I live in South Texas near the coast which is flat land), a modern-day representation of the dragon would be low buildings in the East such as a garage, a garden shed, or even your neighbor's one-story house. You can also plant low bushes along the East side of your property.

If none of these are available you can fix it by placing a dragon statue (outside) or a picture of a dragon (inside) on the left-hand side of of your home as you look out your front door. Make sure that it is placed lower than eye level so that it is symbolically always under your control.

Not only is the dragon the most protective of the four celestial animals, it also represents heaven. It is believed that his breath creates good energy, and brings strength, goodness and courage. The dragon also brings wealth and business luck to everyone who lives in your home. As with all of the Feng Shui 'cures' there are a few rules for placing your dragon.


  • have your dragon facing a water source;
  • frame your dragon picture in a metal frame;
  • choose dragons that are black, dark blue or blue-green and made of wood or metal (in the East for the Water element); gold and made of metal (in the West or NW for the Metal element) or red and made of pottery or crystal (in the South for the Fire element);
  • place dragons in kitchens, offices, behind your desk (supporting energy) and left of your front door
  • hang dragon images in any direction (strongest in the East)


  • hang dragon images in the bedroom (too much Yang and not restful) or the bathroom
  • use a wooden frame for an dragon image (Wood needs water not metal to grow)
  • use three dragons (causes the energy produced to fight itself)
  • walk on dragon carpets (hang them on a wall instead)
  • hang a dragon image in front of your desk (fighting the energy)
  • have dragons that are large and overwhelming

As you can see,I have a card with a picture of a green dragon to the left of my front door, below eye level and facing the fish tank. I know it's not the best picture, but my camera is missing and I wanted you to see that I do follow my own advice! The front door is reflected in the glass of the tank. I do not have a frame on the picture because it is temporary. You can see all three of my goldfish as well. If you are interested in the significance of Fish and Feng Shui, just click here.

Let me know where you have placed your good luck dragon in the comment section below.


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Chandler Real Estate Liz Harris, MBA
Liz Harris Realty - Chandler, AZ

Love feng shui... I had the gold fish with the single black fish...

Nov 07, 2011 09:04 AM
Christina Rodriguez
Diva by Design™ - Harlingen, TX

Hi Liz! This is my second black fish. I had the other one for two years until he died recently. He was beautiful! I miss him because he had a lot of personality for a fish!

Nov 10, 2011 10:21 AM