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Why is now a good time to buy a new home?

  • In the real estate boom times of several years ago, sellers held a winning hand over buyers. They could dictate prices to multiple buyers who were lining up at their door with offers.
  • NOW, Buyers have better choices than they have had in years:
  • Prices have leveled off.
  • Houses are staying on the market longer, giving buyers a wide variety to choose from.
  • Mortgage interest rates are low and going lower.
  • The economy is solid and jobs are being created.
  • Some builders are offering discounted financing and valuable incentives.
  • Financing options are varied.


Why is a home the best investment you will ever make?

  • As your equity in the home appreciates, you build financial security.
  • Home appreciation has historically been 5 to 6% annually.
  • You can generally deduct all of the interest and property taxes you pay from your income taxes.
  • Personal Satisfaction - we associate home ownership with economic success and the accumulation of wealth.



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Robert Whitelaw
Whitelaw & Sons Real Estate Services - Morgan Hill, CA
Broker, CEO, Realtor , ePro
You could not be more right. I see we are in two very different areas, but I know that if you just look at the history in my area - the odds are that the upcoming 12 months or so are likely to go down as the best buying time my area of Santa Clara County as seen in about 20 years.
Nov 01, 2007 01:05 PM