Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Except When You Are Selling Your Home

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As you can see Im a Yankee fan just like any other, but when is it too much.

 Well during a recent caravan, I can tell you I did see an over the top fan. One of the agents asked, How long will this take for you to pack up. This guy had every inch of a finished room in his basement covered with...I died and went to heaven Yankee memorabilia. Even the railing leading you down the steps were Yankee bats. Don't get me wrong, very cool if you are staying in the house but, Ummm remember your house is now for sale! This is where you will find agents that do there job and help the home owners sell their home or one that just takes the listing and hope it sells.

Original content by Valerie Duncan Stewart
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Except When You Are Selling Your Home

It is sad but true, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Except When You Are Selling Your Home. Here is why; there are some universal truths when you are trying to appeal to a large number of people and you must be mindful of this if you want to sell your home and pocket some serious cash.
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In no particular order here are some pitfalls to avoid:
1) While you may love your porcelain dog collection, your target buyer may not.
2) That yard art you lovingly placed, will look like clutter to your target buyer.
3) The wall paper you meticulously chose 12 years ago will appear dated to your target buyer.
4) The family pet who resides in your home will give off a doggy smell to your target buyer. We dog lovers become habituated to their smell.
5) The spare bedroom used to house your "extras" for jewelry making, scrap booking, etc. will detract from the fact you have a nice sized spare bedroom. Your buyer will only see a home with a junk bedroom.
6) The overgrown shrubs you think add character to your exterior will make your home appear dowdy and unkempt to your target buyer.
7) Toys strewn across your living area will detract from your great floor plan and turn off your target buyer.
8) Tons of family photos may be heart warming to you but distracting to your target buyer.
9) A refrigerator plastered with magnets, beloved artwork from your child and schedules will detract from the amenities your kitchen has to offer your target buyer.
10) The garage used to house "the beloved hot rod" that is a work in progress with grease stains on the concrete, will send the buyers right out the front door.

Selling your home is a small snapshot in time and keeping your home in tip top, non-cluttered shape will garner you a higher asking price when your buyer comes a knocking. While it may be inconvenient to "live" a certain way for this time period, you will thank your Real Estate Professional at the closing table. So when your Real Estate Professional says; Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Except When You Are Selling Your Home, you now know why.



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